From the Beltway (495): Exit Connecticut Avenue. Select Chevy Chase option. Go south approximately 3 miles.You will pass traffic lights at Jones Bridge Road, East-West Highway and Bradley among others. Just beyond Bradley the Chevy Chase Country Club is on the right and 1/4 mile after this you will come to Chevy Chase Circle. You will enter the circle at 6 o'clock on a clockface and proceed counter clock wise 270 degrees or 3/4 around the circle and get off on Western Avenue (9 o'clock). You will turn right and go 2 streets to Rittenhouse and turn right. Go 4 blocks and turn left on 32nd STREET- not 32nd Place which is a left turn only just before 32nd Street. Turn left and we are the 5th house on the left. There will be an OPEN sign in the window. (When you get lost call us at 202-244-7244).

From Virginia or downtown DC: Come north on either Wisconsin or Connecticut Ave NW. If you come up Connecticut turn right at Nebraska. You will find Nebraska after the 3 syllable lettered streets such as Albermarle, Brandywine....Fessenden. [Hold on for a minute while I get the Wisconsin Ave drivers up to "speed."] If you come up Wisconsin you will turn right on Nebraska which is in Tenleytown just past Popeyes Chicken and 7-11. Turn right on Nebraska and continue across Connecticut. [OK Connecticut drivers we are together]. Continue on Nebraska thru the first light at Nevada and the second light at Military Road. At the top of the hill, ~ 1/4 mile after passing the light at Military, you will make a 45 degree turn left on to 32nd St NW. (If you took a 90 degree turn you will be on Morrison. Continue on 32nd St about 5 blocks past Rittenhouse and our house is 6120 32nd St on the left. There will be on OPEN sign in the window. (When you get lost call us at 202-244-7244).

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